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Social Commentary -
Some viewers may find a few of these images offensive. Please bear in mind that the content is reported, not generated. Care has been taken - there is nothing pornographic or obscene here. In fact, one purpose in this work is to call attention to eroding standards of decency. There are far more graphic and disturbing images presented in our daily media stream, but please be aware. Do not view this work if you prefer always to avoid naked cultural norms.
There are the galleries, on the left, and some links at the top of each page with background information.
So as not to scare you away completely, there are several sample images posted below. As you can see, they are not so bad. Some are just plain fun! Enjoy.
ARTIST'S Statement -
First, allow me to thank you for visiting my site. Your questions and comments are welcome. Please contact me at
I should mention that  there
has been interest in purchasing prints. That is being arranged and, if you'd like to be one of the first, please let me know.
You will receive advance notice as prints become available.
In embarking on this project I quickly found an advantage in limiting the subject matter. My raw materials are mined from personals ads placed on the internet - specifically the categories of Men Seeking Women and Women Seeking Men. In this day and age it is worthwhile to state those categories. There are several others in the online thickets.
An exception would be Gallery Four. There you will find a few explorations in other directions. Those came in the early stages and I plan to return to them in the future. be continued.

Why do we use the internet the way we do?  Who do we imagine we are communicating with?  Is internet social networking enhancing our social living?
Lonely hearts - Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Men, Other Seeking Other - the new normal?  Dangerous?  Present a private fantasy to a worldwide audience at the touch of a button.  Once published, can it ever be retracted?
Are these postings real? Not all of them.  Are there personal-ad hackers?
My aim in these images is to explore the interplay between image and text.  Are we, in our information age, conditioned to always read the text first?  Do we see an image, or does it surprise us?  How do we read the world around us?  Are we constant multi-media-multi-taskers?  Is this concentration?
Here, as an artist, I combine color, text and image.  Here, the personals ads of the World Wide Web are my raw materials.  There is no shortage of color, text and image.
I'd love to hear from you!  Let me get to know you. Do we have a real future together?
           ciao bebe - Carlito