Tanita Shed
29 Oak Avenue
It was necessary to dismantle the structure and pour 5 yards of concrete (Six-Sack, 3,000 psi) with 440 feet of #2 rebar --- per plans and city inspector's approval.  TIE BEAMS connect the 8 posts which extend a minimum of 3-feet below grade.
12-inch J-Bolts will secure the metal anchors.
4x8 PT beams are secured to the foundation at the 8 posts with two half-inch bolts through the Simpson adjustable post bases.
Angle clips in each bay secure the rim joists to the 4x8 foundation beam. Angle clips secure every third joist. Joists are end-nailed to rim joists and supported by the foundation beam.
Overhead view of floor-joist system with tie beams and foundation structure visible below.
A rough-framed wall waits to be secured after the subfloor is installed.
Interior view of window installation shows the half-inch, 5-ply CDX plywood sheathing.
Exterior view shows building paper applied and the 3/8-inch cedar siding beginning to be installed.

Note the foundation beam, concrete tie beams and clearance below the storage shed.
Final inspection by the City is expected during the week of November 16-22.  Engineer's observation and approval is required for final inspection sign-off.
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