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The images I offer here are reminders to me and invitations to you. I hope that you will enjoy a brief look through a different lens. My intent is to create art: perhaps portraying a mood or posing a question. Making a statement? I'm not necessarily trying to show you the island. That discovery awaits your visits.
I take every artistic license with color, shape and form. Objects on your screen may be just the way I've manipulated them to be. Don't think it's all computer noise! (Yes! It's Photoshop by Adobe!)        Word/titles at the upper right were composed as I did the computer work of posting these images. Stream of consciousness. Meanings?
I hope you'll enjoy the visit. Tell a friend?
Thanks for stopping by!  --- Carl       June 28th, 2007
Dear friends,

Near Detroit, Harsen's Island is a low-lying bit of land defined by channels of the Saint Clair River as it enters Lake Saint Clair. My family vacations there once in awhile. Great Lakes shipping, passing by a few hundred yards from the front door, muddies the name of Saint Clair. No saint's offense though: Wikipedia tells us, "Saint Clair is the name of numerous places and people.There was no actual saint with this name (although there was a Saint Clare). The name is thought to be a corruption of Norman French words Sint Clair, meaning 'clear well' or 'clear pool'.
A rude awakening. Those big propellers must certainly stir the river bottom.
I wonder what it sounds like to the fish?

Harsen's Island
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