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Completing this brief survey will aid us in developing a web site that is most useful to you and other visitors.  You will not receive any mailings or be placed on a list of any kind as a result of participating.  If you choose to supply your e-mail address, it will be used only to reply to your specific question, as provided for below.  THANKS for helping!
Does any member of your household regularly perform handyman chores at your home and/or at the home of a relative or friend?
Do you ever lend, borrow or rent tools and equipment?
Do you buy books or go to the library to learn about technical aspects of a project?
As on "Do-It-Yourself" television programs, would you personally be more likely to undertake a project if there was an expert on call from start to finish?
If someone can't afford needed repairs, would you be willing to help with money, materials or time?  On a case-by-case basis?  (Needs could be published to a website so that donors, anonymous or otherwise, might participate.)
Do you have a specific question for Carl The Handyman?  If so, please state it briefly in the space provided.  You will receive a personal response, but you MUST provide your e-mail address.  (Your reply address WILL NOT be forwarded simply by pressing the submit button below.)
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